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Be spoiled with a precious gift from Hartley Antiques.

Buying that special gift either for an Anniversary, Christening, Birthday or just as a treat can be difficult if not stressful.  We can help the right choice to be made through our personal service.  It is a convenient way to ensure friends and family who wish to buy you a gift choose something you’d love.

Making a gift list is simple..

Visit us at Hartley Antiques and select a few items you would love to have, or suggest budget ideas so we can advise on your choices.  We will make a note of what you would like, and then you can simply let the gift buyer know to pop in to make their decision – just remember to look surprised when you unwrap your gift!

Hartley Antiques will also source specific items if you have a special request.

Contact Hartley Antiques to make an appointment, or discuss our gift list service.

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