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The Peter Richardson Gallery


This delightful gallery is home to several well known, prolific and talented artists. It offers a wide range of styles to suit collectors, and those amongst us who are looking for a piece of art to adorn a newly decorated or tired looking room.

Come and browse and enjoy the work of:

  • Paul Banning (RI., RSMA., AROI.)
  • Mervyn Goode
  • Marion Wilcocks (AFAS., ASGFA.)
  • Dianne Elson
  • Elizabeth Calthorpe (SEA.)
  • Liz Seward (SWA., SFP.)
  • Lindsay Goolding Berry
  • Janice Edmunds
  • Peter Richardson
  • Peter Webster
  • Steven Alexander
  • Michael Hall
  • Mike Bernard
  • Ingrid Skogland
  • Brian Fox


Peter Richardson Fine Art

Fine art commissions all media, picture and frame restorations.

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